Taking Stock August 2020

It’s been an amazing month. A month of new opportunities. Everything seems to be working out since county boarders were opened. I am getting accustomed to my new life. My new house. My new environment. Entrepreneurship. Trying out things here and there until I find my niche. It’s interesting because I thought that I wouldContinue reading “Taking Stock August 2020”


Mindful breathing. Inhale through your nose. Inhale for a count of 2. Feel air going down your nostrils to your lungs. Pause at the top of your inhale for a few seconds or a count of 3 while tightening your stomach area. Exhale gently through your mouth. Slowly. Repeat this five to ten times. Do this a couple of times in a day or whenever you feel anxious. Breathe this way for at least 5 minutes to see a difference in your mood.

Taking stock February 2020

Hello majestic beings. I am happy and grateful to be here today. It has been a while since I did a taking stock post. A lot has happened since the year began and I am glad to let you in on what I have been up to. https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=40901 Reading: Letter to my Daughter by MayaContinue reading “Taking stock February 2020”


I am happy and grateful that I had an amazing August. August 2019 , will go down memory lane as a month where I made very many positive changes in my life, attained personal goals, interacted with amazing people and broke off from toxic people and things. I realised I didn’t know much about myselfContinue reading “TAKING STOCK SEPTEMBER 2019”


Do you know the Origin of August? August is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, and the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. The name of the month was changed to August in honor of Augustus Caesar in 8 BCE.  It was originally named Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixthContinue reading “FACTS ABOUT AUGUST THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW”