It has been a tough week for me. I struggled to wake up a quarter to midnight to get to work. This is one schedule that throws me off completely and before my body gets used to the routine,I am onto another routine.

Many incidents happen in life which may abuse your good time or moment.

I have been getting mad at things you may think are little but for it to get to my nerves means it is not so little.

So, here’s is a list of things that piss me off;

Don’t piss me off and then tell me to calm down!!!


People who take neutral stands on important subjects. I do not trust people who choose to be neutral.

When I decide to keep my hair natural and someone says it is shaggy. I do not know where people get the nation that African Hair should obey the force of gravity or be permed to look better. This is a very wrong mindset. As long as your hair is clean and well kept that is all that matters.

People who feel entitled to my time and energy. This puts me off.

People who make you feel bad for feeling bad.They try to control how you should feel. All emotions are good . Let people feel sad,angry,happy,excited or whatever they are feeling.

People who use the ” #fact” before texting a lot of nonsense.

People who ask me when I am going to have a child yet we are not even friends. Like I owe them a child.

People who have decided that I am their role model and so I should dress,talk,walk,think and act in a certain manner. Please note that I shall not change who I am to accommodate your misguided perception of who a role model should be.

People who make you feel guilty for choosing to rest. In their minds, you are only productive when you look busy.

People who ask a questions or start a conversation then get mad when they realise that you actually are informed. I get this a lot from some men. They do not expect a woman to be knowledgeable so they resort to body shaming or insulting you to stop you from expressing your thoughts.

People who insult you then say it is a joke. If it is going to make me feel bad,then it certainly is not a joke. I hate jokes on body shaming, tribal stereotypes,rape,religion,mental health,and gender violence. Making jokes about them aims to normalize them. We do not make it normal to shame someone because of their body structure.It is Pathetic!

People who walk slowly on the road. I am learning how to accommodate people I think are slow for me because I cannot change who they are yet we have to coexist.

People who constantly ask for advice about their situation/circumstance but never do anything about it.

People with a pessimistic mindset. These ones drain my energy. They are the ones who say,”Bora uhai, Hakuna kitu tunaezafanya”,and so forth. Your solutions are met by negative feedback. They have lost all hope in life and are very infectious with their negativity.

Pissed off emoji courtesy Google.

Ever since I chose to be the boss of my life, I realised that no human has power over me. I am totally responsible for my life and the state it is in ,therefore, I am learning not to allow people affect me negatively.

I have chosen to surround myself with people whom I share similar values with.

I have chosen to protect my time and energy. I no longer waste my time and energy on some conversations. I shall not plant my seeds on stone.

I am learning to be well grounded and by doing so,I shall not be swayed easily.

I have learnt that all feelings are good and they send a message to us. Feeling is our body sending us a message. When I feel tired, that is my cue to have some rest.

What are the things that piss you off?

Published by Miss Malika

I am Malika. The author behind this "amazing" blog. I had been looking for a safe space to document my thoughts, growth, fears and share my Adventure experience. This space seemed like the best place to start off. That was in 2015. Little did I know that it will be the most exciting part of my life. I am a lover of life and humans. I am always up for an adventure and I believe in trying out new things. I love to share my journey with you. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. Get in touch with me at Here's to Becoming...

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