“As I look at my life, I might ask “Who is the person that represents the greatest threat to me?” And if I happen to have a mirror around somewhere, I can rather quickly answer that question.” 
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Do you always do things that undermine your progress?

The past few days have been mind blowing for me.  I have had discussions with people and those discussions made me to self-reflect.  As I was reflecting, I realized that there were things that I am doing that are sabotaging my well-being. This is what has brought me here. To help you realize how you are sabotaging yourself.

Sabotage is to ‘’deliberately destroy, damage or obstruct (something)’’. This is according to Oxford Dictionary.

‘’ To deliberately stop someone from achieving something, or to deliberately prevent a plan or process from being successful’’. Macmillan Dictionary.

Self-sabotage is an act or process tending to hamper or hurt ourselves. It is when part of your personality acts in conflict with another part of your personality. For instance, drug abuse, self-injury

Whenever you are starting something new and a part of you is going to resist the change, the goal is to recognize yourself-sabotaging behaviors and then do something about it.

Your upbringing and lack of belief in yourself can lead to self-sabotage.

So, here is how you are sabotaging yourself.

  • You tell yourself a negative story.  Those negative stories in your head that ;

I’ll never be good enough. I’ll never afford that. I can’t get that job. Guess what, whatever you think you become. Start by thinking positively. Tell yourself that you are good enough, that you can do it, and that you deserve every good thing that is happening in your life.

  • You say Yes when you really want to say no.  Are you this person who puts other people’s interests ahead of yourself?  Are you a people pleaser? You give so much until you run dry. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

‘’Your work is to fill your own cup, so it overflows. Then you can serve others, joyfully from your saucer’’ Lisa Nichols

  • You quit when the going gets tough.  When things are hard, this is the moment when you do not give up. Hard times do not last. Tough people last. Nothing comes easy. One has to work hard and endure tough times in order to succeed.
  • You do not take radical Responsibility.  Are you the person that always shifts blame to other people or circumstances? There is a saying that, a bad workman blames his tools. You are both the designer and end user of your life. You are where you are because of the choices you have made. You need to start taking responsibility for your life and make the necessary changes.  You shoot yourself in the foot anytime you shift blame when things do not work out in your favor.
  • You procrastinate too much. To procrastinate is to delay or postpone action. Every time you postpone doing something that you should have started yesterday, you are sabotaging yourself.  When you want to do something, the time is now. How far are you with your New Year goals? You probably haven’t made any changes because you are procrastinating. Start taking action today. Now.  I am guilty of procrastination and as a result I still have not yielded any results. Procrastination slows your personal growth. Want to lose weight? Start Now. Want to start a business? Start now.
  • You spend all your time planning. You have a bright idea, but you are wasting it by taking ages to plan.  Too much planning can actually stall action/change. How about you start acting now instead of wasting a lot of time to plan?
  • You let others monopolize your time.  You let other people waste your time. For instance, instead of spending your time researching or doing something valuable, you spend it chatting aimlessly until the day passes. Guard your time jealously because no one is going to do it for you.
  • You do not ask for help.  You cannot do everything on your own. It is okay to delegate work, to ask for help when you need it. Not asking for help will cause you not to deliver the best results, make you end up tired and frustrated or not able to move forward.  By asking for help, you are letting go off unnecessary pressure/burden which will help you concentrate on what really matters.
  • You do not read, research, google, ask, and inquire.  Are you the kind of person that does not find out more about a certain topic that you do not understand?  You fail to ask the right questions? Well, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Information is readily available to you just by the touch of a button.  We have numerous resources to enable us acquire knowledge. Ignorance is no defense. Set time to learn something new every day. Learn, unlearn and relearn. Have a mind open to new ideas.  Learning is very crucial for your growth. You, learn by reading, researching, asking and even through googling. Do not be too lazy to google.
  • You do not trust your gut instincts.  Your instincts are God given. Use them. Your instincts will save you from trouble.  I have been in trouble many times because I just did not listen to my divine feminine instincts. The mind can be manipulated, so it is important to also use your gut instincts when making decisions.
  • You are hard on yourself. We are all human and we make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself anytime you make a mistake. Do not be too hard on yourself. Even after you have realized you how have been sabotaging yourself, forgive yourself. There is always room to learn and be better. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Life is a personal journey and each day it changes. Life is fluid.  Take time to reflect on your overall well-being.  I am also working to live a purposeful life and this involves identifying areas that need change and make the necessary changes. 

You too deserve to live a life of purpose. A life full of love. You deserve to live your best life.

Share your thoughts on things that you do that sabotages your life.

Sending light and love your way.

“One simple thing to do and destroy the spirit of self-sabotage is to admire the beauty hidden in ugly circumstances.” 
― Israelmore Ayivor
The only reason I can’t jump in and engage life is that I’ve told myself I can’t. Yet I can’t helping wondering what would happen if I told myself I could?” 
― Craig D. Lounsbrough


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