Are you suffering from insomnia and you do not know what to do? Do you like to write? Well, that’s what I am doing right now since I lost my sleep at 5 am. I have thoughts running through my mind- good thoughts mostly. I am happy and grateful that I have had an amazing week. I ticked another item off my bucket list and I feel so proud of myself.

Perhaps to let you in abit, Yesterday, I went hiking at Ngong Hills.

Ngong hills has seven hills with a magnificent view of the Great Rift Valley. Walking through the Hill was breathtaking. Breathtaking because it was a beautiful place to be and also because I strained as it got tough traversing the hill. Did I mention that I haven’t worked out in ages? And I wore jeans and rubber shoes? I clearly did not think about it when I was making plans to go Hiking. But anyway, I had an amazing experience. I met awesome people. Women doing great things in society. Young Change makers. Men too. I was awed by everything I heard and I feel challenged to do something for the society. As we were having conversations with a few women that I had met for the first time, I realised that we are all connected as humans and we need to make other peoples lives better. You can do that by being kind to another person, Speaking up for those who can’t speak up for themselves, being a leader in your life e.t.c.

It blows my mind when I meet strangers and we connect on a deeper level. That we are vibrating on the same frequency, and understand each other even though we have all had different experiences. You can’t live long enough to experience everything by ourselves, but fortunately we can experience and learn through meeting new people, reading books, watching peoples stories online , documentaries and so on.

June was an amazing month and July has started off on a great note. I already feel that this will be an amazing month.

So here’s my stock taking for this month.

Reading: The LADY,Her LOVER and Her LORD by T.D. Jakes and quite honestly I’m struggling to finish it. This book has a lot of teachings though.

Writing: This blog post now but earlier, I was updating my gratitude journal.

Wanting: A travel bag, swimsuit, passport,sneakers, cute sun glasses,summer dresses, sports wear because I am looking forward to enjoy every bit of my 29th year.

Wishing: I could submit my application for passport without having to wake up at 4:00 or travelling out of Nairobi county. I also wish that I could have my passport by the end of this month.

Celebrating: Milestones. My milestones include Zip lining , Hiking at Ngong Hills, Reading a book every month, Attending a met gala(BAKE Awards), meeting strangers and getting to know them, and making new friends and acquaintances. I wish I would have known earlier that one can have fun in the company of strangers.

Loving: The little steps I am making to become a better version of me.

Feeling: A little pain on my thighs and feet from the hiking I did yesterday but also accomplished and super proud of myself.

Treating: Myself to a face regime. This includes; removing dirt from my face with miscelar water, cleansing with Garnier Foam cleanser;washing,scrubbing, and masking with the 3 in 1 Garnier skin active Charcoal;Toning, applying Vitamin C eye serum from DR. Rashel and lastly moisturizing with Oil free moisture with sunscreen from Neutrogena. This Tender, loving care I have been doing has started to show some results on my face. My skin feels smooth , acne breakouts have reduced and I have a clear skin . Jumia has an anniversary sale that ends in July 14th. Hurry up and get yourself the skin care items at discounted prices.

Waiting: To experience more adventure and so much more.

Dreaming: Only of brighter days. Where I have achieved my dreams and the people I love have also received what they wished for.

Enjoying: Life. Life is for the living.

Learning: A new word. STEALTHING.

Stealthing is the act of removing a condom during sex without the consent of the partner. It’s illegal in many countries, and is a form of sexual assault. Now you know.

Learning: To accept what I can’t change all while being positive and moving forward. I am also learning that mental slavery is real. We are imprisoned by our thoughts. Why do you think that you can’t leave that abusive relationship? Why do you think you are ugly? Why do you think that you are not supposed to ask for better? Why are you coiling back and crying yourself to sleep? Why do you still hate on people? We need to stop this head fuckery. It’s all in your mind. We need to do a mental surgery and get all that nonsense out. You are what you think you are. So you better start thinking that you are beautiful, cool, created for a greater purpose,and that you deserve better. Okay? There are a lot of people who have been through what you are going through and have come out victorious. Ask, seek for help.

Hoping: That one day we will have safe spaces for both men and women to express themselves without being ridiculed and judged. I am glad that we have platforms in place but we still need more. I hope for a Kenya where No one is committing suicide, Where genders are not at war with one another, where both women and men are offered equal spaces to serve this great Nation.

Embracing: Change. Because change is the only constant thing. Change can be disruptive.

Noticing: That saying No is not a bad thing. We need to have boundaries.

Watching: Keeping up with the Kardashians. It seems to be the only thing that I do when my T.V is on.

Needing: A massage and a meal plan because I suck at making meal plans.

Disliking: How someone will notice how I have gained weight but not notice how curvier and beautiful I have become. How they will first comment on my weight but not on the content I post on my blog.

Well I hope you were inspired, educated or entertained. You too can take stock of your July using the same format I did.

Here is a poem just for you.

In meeting we have Friendship

In Friendship we have Sharing

In sharing we have Laughter

In Laughter we have Joy

In Joy we have Happiness

In Happiness we have peace

In peace we have Love

In Love we have unity

In unity we have the Universe

In the Universe we have Infinite Abundance

All is Healthy, Whole and Complete

And So it is.

Annette Clayton

Sending positive vibes and love your way.

May your July be Productive and amazing