Dear Diary

It’s 10:32 am. A beautiful but cold Sunday morning. The weather is bleak. This is my kind of weather, it’s good for makeup too. The sky is a bit dull, covered with dark clouds and the sun struggling to find it’s way to the earth. I am awed . The space above us, closest to heaven. It’s mesmerizing how simple it looks yet it seems to hold every one of my thoughts, dreams and secrets.

I am sitting on my desk at work. all alone. Good thing about today is, I do not have a lot of work piled up and I am enjoying my solitude.

From where I am sitting, I can hear the crane pulling stones and sand from the ground, vehicle engines revving up.

My phone is ringing. That was a client. Her voice is silvery. From her voice i can tell that she is a nice lady. Yes, you can actually pick up peoples energy from the way they sound. There are people with brittle voices, you are tempted to hug them or show them compassion, those with dead voices so you cannot tell whether they are happy or sad because they show no emotion, those with grating voices you can be angered listening to them because they sound so annoying.Beware of those with honeyed voices, these ones can easily mess you up in your line of duty.

Okay, where was i ? oh yeah. I’m sited here and I can tell that it’s going to be a long day . I have 8 hours left . Okay. Another call for me.. Ah, its the same client again.

You know, what I love about my job is that it has trained me to listen . I wasn’t a good listener before. There is never a dull day here. I deal with people and systems. Mostly people. I haven’t quite figured out the art of mastering people . Like how to calm an abusive client without letting it getting on my nerves . This is something I am working on and I’m making some progress.

I have learnt to try to be kinder to those working in the service industry because I understand this job. You take hits for your company. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a bad day, or painful cramps, or morning sickness, or that you are still recovering from an illness, or that you couldn’t sleep all night because your baby was fussy or had fever. You just have to suck it in , and work, and do it well. You know, smile when you don’t feel like, offering assurance and giving hope to a client when your life is slowly falling apart and you probably need a hug or some of that assurance you are giving out.

H ere , you are probably going to be blessed and cursed. My best days are when i get clients who bless me’ and or appreciate me. There is always someone whose going to appreciate even during bad days. The trick is to not to let the praises get in my head. People will praise when they are happy.

Speaking with people you will probably never meet on phone can be fun , challenging or tricky. There are the polite ones, the ones who speak so fast you can hardly catch up. The ones who just never greet you or introduce themselves. The ones who expect you to know them. The ones who expect you to treat them better because they know someone where you work. The ones who know it all because they are in the same field. The arrogant ones. The preachers. The abusive ones. The violent ones. The understanding ones,and even the loyal ones. Understanding them or knowing how to handle them is a skill you will not be taught in a classroom. I love and respect all of them. They make me who I am today and help me feel like I am making a difference in society.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I would be here today. I did not envisage that I would be working on a Sunday and not have a qualm about it. This is life. It is what happens when you are busy making your own plans. The good thing with life is, you always have a choice. A choice to be grateful or to complain about everything that you feel is going wrong in your life.

Sundays for me are days of reflection. Days I look back and and do an audit analysis of my life. Except my analysis only involves counting my blessings. Like today, I am grateful that I always reach my destination safely, that i have a roof over my head,food to eat, nice clothes, a job ,a family that loves me, a few friends that care about me, being alive and healthy. I’m also grateful that I listen to music and I am able to dance to the beat, Something we always take for granted. There are people who can’t move their limbs to save their lives. Ha Ha.

It’s also time for me to day dream,snap out of it then plan ahead. Plan how i’m going to save the few coins I have left until the next pay day without resulting to ask for a loan from M-shwari or going back to my savings. The plan might involve carrying packed lunch, waking up earlier so I get to the stage before prices are hiked, not buying any movies to watch and not admiring any clothes on the streets lest I fall in lust. Another very tricky one, saying NO to friends and family.

Dear friends and family, I can’t pour from an empty cup. Actually, what’s in the cup is mine, what will overflow will be yours. That’s how we keep each other happy and at peace.

So for now, I am done with my rumbling and it’s time to get back to my work.

When all is said and done, leading a good life is more important than keeping a good diary.