I hate nights like this.
The nights I cannot hold back
And I’m in tears on the cold floor
I’m seeking out true freedom from within
For my soul to be as light as feathers.

Caged feelings. Caged emotions.
Constant dilemma. To say or not to.
Some memories hurt.
For they took away my voice.
I don’t know how to express this feeling.
But I’ll try write it down without tearing.

Come and visit my dark side.
Come and meet my demons lurking in disguise
Waiting in the darkness to be my demise
Memories drowned in my ocean of tears.

I want to look you in the eye and explain my past.
I want to be mad at you, for not seeing the pain
Or rather for seeing and choosing to ignore.
I want to look you in the eye and explain the haunting images,
But I’ve got skin to cover all my thoughts and pain.

How many circles can I walk in before I give up?
For how long will society push me to the edge,and wonder why I fell off the cliff?
How long before I’m lost for good with stones tied to my feet.
Give me peace,,
Where I can rest and feel alright.

Author: JoyBeryl

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