Picture by JoyBeryl.

Let me tell you a story,
A tale of how I died.
Shattered heart and a broken soul
The spirit is wanting
The body is decaying
I can't put enough of what I feel in words.

Pain in disguise
Fading hopes, accumulated sorrow
Today my life is my cell,
Sorrows being my shell.
I know tomorrow,
Just like today and yesterday,
Another miserable day.

So today I cry, how life has been bitter,
I cry to the dark,
Whose engulfing of black.
With an eerie silence of bad luck,
I cry on the pillows, that feels cold every night.
To my heart, sole and sanguine in fear.
Of the quietness of my heart, I shed a tear.

Rejecting a drinking party,
Rather deciding to eject myself from the world of mortals,
And spend the long lonely night,
With a gun in my hand and a bottle to my mouth.
Turn on the loud music.
By; JoyBeryl