By Abwao Joyberyl

Close your eyes,


What do you see?

I bet it’s dark

Now concentrate.

On the darkness.

Now, what do you see?

As mine are shut,

I see fear

I see pain

I feel pain

A bitter tear down my cheek

Want to know why?

I may not be able to tell you how i’m broken.

But at least, i try cleaning my scars

In between, i felt the depth and pain

Only but a tear to scream the pain.

I may be young, charismatic, but not dumb to tell when it hurts.

Maybe what hurts me the most is the picture in my head

Maybe it’s the mistakes i always avoid to make

Maybe it’s the fears i create in my mind

Maybe it’s the voice inside that stands in between my way

Maybe what hurts me the most is me.

I feel so dead but alive

So in pain

So unconcious

I’m breathing life away

It’s hard to keep on keeping on

Don’t even know which way is up,just keep spinning down, around and down.

Welcome to my nightmare.

This piece was written by my kid sister Joy.