My name is Malika. A name I hated back then because it means funeral where I was brought up and my peers loved to remind me that I am ” funeral”.


My Darling father loved to remind me that the meaning of my name is winner. I remember vaguely him saying the word ” Navalika” which I think is a verb that loosely translates to conquer. I can just stop typing and give him a quick call to ask about the meaning of my name but I am too lazy.

Now, a few years later I looooove this name Malika. Maybe because, here in this big city people think its cute and unique and I now feel like its cute. Or maybe, because I am a die hard fan of Keeping up with the Kadarshians and there is this lady who is not from my home county or from Kenya and is called Malika, or because my high school class teacher used to call me Mama Malika after a famous musician , or because people call me Malaika instead of Malika( mostly guys),or maybe because its not easy to tell which tribe I am from in this city.

Anyway, I started writing and I have realised that writing has been my constant. Like the only thing I do consistently. Heck , I don’t even pray or bathe consistently.. Oops .

We have had a long term relationship. I started writing on this blog in 2015. This relationship has lasted longer than most of my relationships and like any other relationship we have had our ups and downs but we have always fought to stick together. Unlike other relationships.

I like to share random thoughts. Thoughts I feel will inspire you or Inspire me later when I need it. Oh yes , I read my own articles for inspiration too. Sometimes i just want to express myself. Other times I’m just passing time maybe because I haven’t found my niche or because I am too afraid to feel vulnerable. You know, sometimes writing some things makes me feel like I am stripping naked for all to see . Then I start feeling naked and afraid and I rush to cover myself up.

It is 07:13 am. I woke up at 5:00am then I found myself typing a few minutes later. This is how my mind works. I’m sleeping, I feel the urge to pee, I resist the urge a bit until I can’t resist anymore, I get out of my bed, go to pee, pee, get back in bed, insomnia sets in, I pick my phone, start going through my timeline on Facebook then voila thoughts are running in mymind and I have no choice but to type my thoughts on my Techno Boom J8 until I realise I am unable to copy paste ( because I am not techno savy)and my battery is running low then I get out of bed wearing my birthday suit,go to charge my phone, pick my diary and re write everything I had typed on my phone then type again on my blog. I will then spend a few more minutes trying to look for a cute Instagram friendly picture to use as caption and it is all in vain because I have had only one photoshoot my entire life and everyone on my social media pages must have seen these pictures because pictures like these are not supposed to just stay on my phone.

Okay, my point is I love to write. I write everyday, anywhere. I use my phone, notebooks and even my colleagues’ note pads. It’s all I do. My thoughts never give me a break.

You will probably notice some errors on my articles and I appreciate when you point them out to me because it helps me improve my writing and speaking. Some errors are just typo errors which you can as well ignore. You can’t be too angry at a typo error , can you? Some of my friends have asked me to write a book and I reply with an emoji. I will one day. But for now, let me just write here. It’s therapeutic for me.

You know what inspires me more? When I receive your messages telling me how inspired you have been after reading my posts. It makes me feel like I am doing something for humanity. That maybe this is my life’s purpose. To change or inspire a life one person at a time through my posts. That is what keeps me keeping on. I value your feedback and please share my page and blog posts to your friends and enemies, even frenemies until we grow bigger and better.

Now excuse me as I go put on some clothes before I begin to binge watch.

Have a blessed and fruitful Thursday , will you? The choice is yours.

Sending love and light your way. Cheers.