At one point in life, you are going to hurt, Feel the pain, suffer rejection,be lonely and with no peace. You will find yourself in circumstances that will form wounds in your body and even your heart. These setbacks and or traumatic experiences will change you to better or bitter. It all depends on you.

Accidents, betrayal, terminal illness, setbacks, failures, rejection are just some of the things that cause us pain. Pain is uncomfortable and lonely.

Like the Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” When we resist pain we create more pain, which is called suffering. When we can embrace pain with a warm, peaceful curiosity, we gain the ability to transform wounds into sacred wounds, and we limit our suffering.

What hurts us can cripple us, but it can also shape us into something more powerful.

I have gone through tragic experiences in life and some i am still not ready to write about here. Recently i fell ill. The past two months have been nothing but a mixture of pain and feelings of loneliness. Pain is lonely. Some days even my bed couldn’t give me the comfort i so much needed . Some days i woke up and i wasn’t sure whether i was sad, depressed, angry , anxious or just feeling sick! It’s a feeling i still cant describe. I am glad to inform you that i am feeling better.

Some experiences in life have caused me wounds in my body and soul. I am grateful that these experiences have never made me a bitter person. In fact, i feel like i have grown so wise, and i have had a paradigm shift. I wouldn’t be stronger were it not for the wounds. I wouldn’t be grateful and learn not take things for granted . I wouldn’t have known the signs to look out for. I wouldn’t be where i am today were it not for those painful experiences. The truth is we can’t avoid some experiences. How we choose to respond to life is what creates the difference,

So how do you turn your wounds to wisdom?

  1. Focus on the positive. This might sound too cliche but it is doable. See the opportunities in today’s difficulties. For instance, You had a bad day but you are still alive, healthy and tomorrow is another day. So you live to fight another day. Cheers to that.
  2. Embrace the pain. Admitting to emotional pain enables us to deal with it so we can heal. Cry when you need to. You are allowed to feel sad. Embrace those feelings as they come.
  3. Let go. Holding on to some things will cause you more pain. Know when to let go of those people who bring pain to our lives.
    When you realize that none of it is yours – that you don’t get to claim or even keep any of it in the end – and when you’re willing to let go of attaching to anything you consider “mine,” you’re suddenly free.
  4. Failure is an opportunity. Never be discouraged by your challenges or view them as a disadvantage.
    Instead, understand that the challenges you face and the adversity you overcome can actually be some of your biggest advantages. You’re not defined by what someone says is a failure for you, because the role of failure is to point you in a different direction.
  5. Focusing on the present moment can reduce our suffering
  6. Learn from the pain. Every experience is meant to teach you something. Maybe try again with more experience. That you are stronger than you think you are. That you deserve better. That better days are coming. That you need to start again.
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Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.
Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. ~ Jacques 

When the pen
Hits the paper,
Black ink traces 
Around the words
That is crying out.

But the ink
Doesn’t want 
To stay, and every word
Turns into a pool
Of red.

As it drips down
To the edge
Of the paper,
Like open wounds 
Bleeding out the truth.

Instead of words,
Only drips and strains
Of liquid red that coursed
Through its way, like a war
Erupting into chaos.

Marcella Faye 

YOU ARE so much more than your wounds,
but when you craft your signature,
your scars share the weight of your pen…

be MORE than a conqueror

Qweyku O

How have you turned your wounds into wisdom and strength?  What’s one painful situation that ultimately made you stronger?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and insights.

Sending love and light your way.