Dear Future husband,

I want to let you know that i am not an easy woman to love. I have a tendency of holding things back. I speak my mind . I am hard on myself sometimes. I take time to make decisions and stick to them. I am learning to love myself more, to believe in myself ,to accept the things i can’t change about myself, to handle my insecurities and to believe in a power greater than the universe but i have lots of love to give.

I asked God to give me a Husband who would bring me closer to Him.

I am in no way a perfect person. I have my flaws and so do you. I don’t expect you to be perfect all the time. No man is perfect.

I want you to know that i am happy right now as a single 29 year old who lives in a small one bedroom apartment and eats bread and strong tea for dinner more times than i care to admit. I love my job. I love to write. I love to take pictures.I love to dance. I love my family and crazy friends. I love staying indoors , watching movies, road trips, adventure. I Hang out sometimes. I want you to know that my life has purpose apart from and before you. When we do meet one day, I want you to understand that I do not expect you to complete me, or to be my God. That’s way too much pressure for anyone to bear. I am already complete.

I want us to have intellectual conversations. To have silly conversations. To speak positively into each others life. I want to help you chase your dreams. I want to be your partner, not your slave or prize.

Dear Future Husband, Home cooked meals are great but i am not enthusiastic about being in the kitchen all the time . Don’t get me wrong, i am a good cook. I like to cook but not every time.

Dear future Husband, I am a career woman. I work weird hours. I love to work hard and earn my own money. With my career comes responsibilities and sacrifices. Be ready to sleep alone some nights when i am away at work. Be ready to accept that i will be coming home after midnight because my job demands me to. Lets not fight about my career because its part of me. It makes me who i am.

Dear future husband, i expect you to help around the house with chores. I will not pretend to be super woman. Ours will be a partnership. I hold you when you are down and you hold me too when i am down. I expect you to not have a problem with playing and bonding with your kids, changing their diapers, bathing them, reading them story books, and telling them stories. I would love it if my kids have a good relationship with their father. I want us to be great parents to our children if it will be in Gods plan for us to have children. I want them to know God and be inspired in life just by watching us.
I pray God will bless us with the patience, compassion, and love to be the best parents that we could possibly be .

I want our home to be our safety zone, area of comfort, love ,peace and worship. I was brought up in a home full of love. I will not condone physical,verbal or mental abuse. Your hands will only be used to protect, provide ,lift,comfort,or love us and so will mine.

I want our marriage to be full of laughter, joy, adventure,praise and love. I want to travel the world with you. To experience life with you. To worship God with you.

Dear husband, my philosophy in life is to live,laugh and love. All i want is a simple life. A loving family and friends will do. The rest we will achieve together.

Please note that i can BE CRAZY. Never forget that.
I can be stubborn. I will be blunt and completely honest with you, even when you don’t want to hear it.  I can be smiling one minute and be mad the next. I can be a bit dramatic. If I wake you up in the middle of the night from crying or sheer worry, just be gentle with me. Play my hair. Give me a good massage. Kiss me until I calm down. If none of that works – you’re just going to have to suck it up. Just a heads up, and I apologize in advance.

I promise to try and be understanding and patient with you. To respect you and help you grow.
I can’t wait to make the memories that last a lifetime. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Life is going to be a roller coaster, but it will be the best ride of our lives.

See you soon my love.

Your future loving wife.