Good morning, good afternoon and good evening from wherever you are. I hope you are having or had a restful Saturday.

I noticed that I have readers from Outside Kenya and I am so happy and grateful. I hope that you get good vibes and that you are impacted positively on this platform. I am thankful to you for taking your time off to see what I am up to.

So here’s what I know for sure. This is bound to change as I grow up..

1.Family is everything.

2. Love is necessary.

3. I am not my past.

4.Making mistakes is human.

5. Shit happens.

6.Religion is personal. Do not impose your beliefs on others. It is also sensitive.

7. Heartbreaks are unavoidable.

8. I am destined to live an amazing life.

9. I create whatever I perceive in my mind. The law of attraction.

10. I am not what someone thinks of me.

11. Watching stage plays is therapeutic..

12. It is okay to be different.

13.God lives. God is good.

14. Life is fluid.

15. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

16. Everything my parents told me is true.

17. I am who I think I am.

18. Books should be a woman’s best friend. Everything you need to know about life was written in a book.

19.A woman should always be in a position to make a choice, stand up for her self, and have her own money.

20. Dancing makes me happy.

21. I love to surround myself with positive energy. Say no to negative vibes.

22. It is okay to let those emotions out. Laugh, cry if you need to.

23. Taking care of your mental health is very important. Your mental health has direct impact to your general well being.

24. It is okay not to be okay.

25. Every woman should go for checkups every year. Do a papsmear, breast examination, urinalysis, HIV test. Men get checked too. Prevention is better than cure.

26. Water is life. Drink lots of it.

27. Actions speak louder than words. Look out for actions, talk is cheap.

28. Sex is natural.

29. Be okay spending time with yourself or being on your own.

30. Spending time with kids is therapeutic. Kids bring genuine love , joy and peace.

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