What do people do on quiet Saturday Nights? For me, its usually time to reflect and write. So, this will be a long and chatty one;

Making: A reading list. This is to keep track of the books i will be reading this year and also note down things i learn from the books i read.

Cooking: Mostly Ugali and Eggs. I hope i will try to eat healthier and have more home made food this year.

Drinking: Green tea , Sprite and lots of water.

Reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama. I’m on the last pages. My next read is Coming Back;The science of Reincarnation by A.C Bhaktivedanta. I know, don’t roll your eyes.. I am just curious.

Wanting: A new hair style already.

Looking: At pinterest and wordpress for inspiration.

Marvelling: At all the possibilities the new year can bring.

Playing: a variety of songs; from Rhumba to soul, BongO, Raggae and Kenyan music.

Deciding:When to publish this post.

Enjoying: The silence that i am experiencing right now.

Liking: The person i have become lately.

Wishing: I could spend more time with my nephews.

Waiting: To see how the year unfolds.

Wondering:If i am making the right decisions .

Loving: Every memory i made in December. Man, December 2018 will go down as the best so far .

Pondering: About why society dictates to us what we should be. How society and people close to us have influenced our thoughts,choices and even outlook in life. Without the noise from outside, would you still make the same choice? Would you still be the same person?

Considering:Making a travel and food journal.

Buying:New inner wear. I really need them.

Watching: Selina. A Kenyan Soap Opera on Maisha magic East Channel 4 on GoTv. Plus lots of Kenyan films. Talent lives in this country! And then i discovered Young Sheldon on Facebook. I love the show!

Cringing: At the thought that i might not action all my plans.

Needing: Utensils, Cutlery. I need a whole Kitchen!!

Questioning:Every decision i am making . Is this a good thing?

Smelling:Chicken Burger from Chicken Inn.

Wearing: Blue sweat pants,white vest and Black Jumper.

Following: Online stores to check if there are any offers on quality shoes,and moisturizers. If you know one that has offers, kindly let me know in the comment section.

Worrying: About moving houses and not having regrets later.

Noticing:That it was a good idea to pay my bills in December because now i am not worried about Njaanuary. He he he.

Knowing: That this is my year! And the world started shifting in December to accommodate everything that will be happening this year! Positive vibes only!

Thinking: About visiting my gynecologist. I haven’t been too keen on check ups last year.

Admiring: My siblings Ken,Camelyne , Edel and Joy. They have turned out to be great parents, great siblings amazing people and true friends. It amazing to know i have people i can rely on.

Feeling: Happy and content with my life right now.

Sorting : My wardrobe. There are so many clothes i don’t wear and need to give out asap.

Getting: My 2019 projects started.

Disliking: Mean jokes and unsolicited advice.

Opening: Nothing really. Maybe later..

Giggling: at nothing.

Hearing: Ssssshhhhhhhh its the air conditioner.

Coveting: These guys who are on a holiday now.. Eish guys can i join ya.?Bhoke?

So,how’s your taking stock so far?

Sending love and light your way.


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