The true purpose of illustrated journaling [is] to celebrate your life. No matter how small or mundane or redundant, each drawing and little essay you write to commemorate an event or an object or a place makes it all the more special.” 

I started keeping a journal back in 2014 but started doing it seriously in 2015 after a friend gifted me with a diary. My journaling was influenced by a movie called ‘The secret’ where the author insisted that for one to get what he or she wants, she needs to put those thoughts and desires into writing.

I began by writing grateful journals. This is by writing things I was grateful for everyday and every month then write down things I wished I could have. Then I started writing down my budgets lists,everything I wished to purchase and its level of importance, my deepest thoughts and desires and now I write about everything. I still continue to write journals on things I am grateful for today.

My Journey on journaling has come a long way and I am grateful for the experience. It’s amazing that when I look back at my journals back in 2015, I received nearly everything I wished for back then.

Journaling has improved my life positively.

“I journal my joy, and my joy expands exponentially forevermore. So be it.” ― Amy Leigh Mercree, Joyful Living:

It has helped me set and achieve goals. For instance, At the beginning of the year, my fitness goal was to reduce at least 4 kgs.  I have since lost 3kgs and I hope to lose more and keep fit and healthy.

Journaling has helped me organise all areas of my life.

I have my journal in segments; Things I am grateful for…I write down everything  I am thankful for, right from waking up , being alive, commuting safely, provision,career e.t.c, then I write down things I would want to have /achieve and have sections i.e career goals, family goals, health and fitness, finance, travel and adventure, need to have purchase items from most important to least important.

Journaling has helped me to live in the now.

I no longer regret my past and not worry too much about the future but I only delve in the past and future for planning and referencing. I live today to the fullest enjoying everything I do because I know it’s the journey that matters to me, so i need to enjoy the ride.

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself. Robin S. Sharma

Captures life story.

Journaling has helped me to capture my family and personal story. My journals alone could tell my story and that of my family. My troubled memories have been soothed through my journaling  and as I look back as see all these as part of my life story that was intended to happen .

Knowing myself and my truth better.

I have been able to understand different aspects of myself by reading my journals. Through journaling, I am able to keep a record of my past,identify my values,read my own mind,connect  to the bigger picture, reveal different aspects of myself, get rid of the masks i wear,clarify my  thoughts,feelings and behaviour,and help me feel better about myself.


Writing down my thoughts ,feelings and behaviors has helped me to heal from my past. I am able to recall and reconstruct past events in an honest, trusting and non judgmental way. I am also able to act as my own counselor after reading my thoughts and learn trends in my behavior and feelings.

Easy problem solving

I am able to connect the dots and find solutions through journaling. For instance; If I wish to lose weight i write down reasons why i need to lose weight then I go ahead and track everything I eat and the exercises I do. This helps to know what i indulge in, what I should reduce or cut off, what I should consume, the excercises I  should do and so forth. By journaling about my health and fitness struggles, I am able to also find solutions that will impact my life positively.

Personal growth.

I have seen immense growth through journaling. For a first, I am able to express then create my desires.

Journaling has enabled me to unfold the writer in me. I started journaling long before I started this blog. I get my blogging ideas through my journals.

I am able to measure and track what is important in my life.

I have created more results in my life. This is where the law of attraction works. You attract what you think. I write down what I think and guess what, sometimes i don’t even work towards getting what i wish for but i just get it.

I am able to express myself through my journal and this has enhanced my personal growth.

Basically, we all journal for different reasons and there is no one cure for all. I earlier started journaling  to self reflect , stay positive and grateful but now I have so many reasons as to why I journal.

Journaling has so many pros to it and I would wish that you journal your life for whatever reason you have.

Do you keep a journal? How has journaling improved your life?

I take photos, I used to make films, I journal incessantly, and I really value the documentation of life. Because it’s almost like you are making something special by wanting to make it exist in an object – on paper or even just in the computer – making these recordings, making this music. Lucy Dacus

Sending love and positive vibes.♥♥♥♥♥