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Good morning you majestic being,

I have not been motivated to write or read this past month. I have just been there, with my normal life routine. Work, gym ,home or  church ,home or  work, hang outwith some colleagues , home.

As much as I feel like I didn’t do anything extra, I must stay that I have had quite a good month. June was a blessed month. I was consistent with gym, worked out at least twice a week and tried to watch what I eat. The great thing is results are beginning to show on my body. I ditched the scale but I feel really sexy and confident and my clothes fit me well, especially those clothes that were too tight.

So here’s my stock for this month.

Drinking water to stay hydrated. I am already seeing its positive effect on my skin.

Appreciating  the people who make my life better.

Deciding to  be take 100% control over my life. My thoughts, my decisions, my feelings, my reactions will solely be influenced by me and not anyone else around me.

Thinking about how blessed I am to be alive today.

Listening to classical music for brain power- Mozzart effect. I’ll tell you if this works because I am going through a writers block.

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Reading about the compound effect by Darren. I have been too slow in reading this book. I actually never finished reading the book ‘TO BE THE BEST’, I just didn’t like it. I would attribute my sluggishness to my new working out schedule that leaves me super exhausted at the end of the day and all I do is go straight to bed when I get home.

Writing about my childhood memories. The brain is such an amazing part of the human body. Its ability to make us remember who we were in the past and lets us see the milestones we have made in life is truly magnificent.

Wanting to be physically fit, healthier, and happier. I am all about positive vibes ,body confidence and good health.

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Making little changes in my habits that will change my behavior positively. Starting with things as simple as washing dishes while preparing meals so I don’t have to dread going back to the kitchen because you know…

Wishing I could be more consistent and be brave enough to just start whatever I had thought of starting. I should just stop procrastinating already.

Celebrating friendships. Those friends who just call to find out if you are okay are for keeps.

Loving that I am in a place  that I once wished for and I am truly thankful for it. Now I am dreaming bigger because I know that my dreams are valid.

Feeling certain that everything will work out well eventually.

Treating myself with work outs. hehehe… The process is painful but the feeling after is just amazing. Plus I will thank my 28 year old self later this year.

Waiting for nothing. I have stopped waiting. This past month has had a lot of plot twists and turns and my perception about some things have changed, so i’m no longer living in air plane mode.

Dreaming of the days when I have finally accomplished about 90% of whats in my bucket list . Will I be happy? Will I feel accomplished? Will I have more dreams? Will I change?  We will see.

Enjoying every moment of my life.

Learning to be disciplined  and consistent in everything I put myself to do. I know that I will not be motivated most of the time but consistency and discipline will get me results.

Hoping that these little changes will be part of my lifestyle.

Embracing life. Life is fluid. It comes with ups and downs. Learning how to go about it is what will make or break me and I choose to live to my fullest potential regardless of what life throws at me.

Noticing how comfortable I am in my own skin.

Watching nothing in particular that fascinates me.

Pondering on ways achieve more results and have fun while at it.

Needing rest. I am so sleepy and exhausted right now.

Disliking the fact that I have been procrastinating too much and that’s my fault.

That’s it for now. Have you tried to take stock of your life? How was your experience?

Have a lovely July. Keep warm. Wishing you happiness and health always.

Sending positive vibes and love.♥♥♥♥