I decided to write about this because i work as a customer experience officer and i have had explain to some friends about what i do because of their impression  that customer experience is just about receiving guests with a smile and answering to phone calls.

I am writing from my own perspective  and if you would like to work in customer experience you will learn about a thing or two from this article.

Customer experience is  more that just phone calls , pretty faces and smiles.

Customer experience is the summation of all of your personal interactions with a company across every conceivable touch point. It’s the feeling you walk away with after browsing your way through a company’s website, for example, or after interacting with a member of its sales team. It’s also the impression you get after seeing its advertisements, using its products or services, or speaking with its customer service reps. Interactions like these, and your feelings about them, are important. They help to shape your opinion about the company and play a big role in whether you’ll build a lasting relationship with that company or not. BY  . Extracted from the Acrolinx Blog

You go from thinking about how your products can benefit customers and to which customers you can sell your products, to thinking about your customers problems then you design products and services that make their lives better.

With customer experience, the customer is at the center of the universe and not just an entity within it.

For one to be successful as a customer experience professional, you have to know your organisation and the products or services  it offers. You can also use your own product to be able to know exactly how it works.

You also have to know your clients; who are your clients? What problems do they face? How are you able to help them solve their problems?

For a company to score high in customer experience, all departments must work together to achieve this single objective. The Sales rep will sell the product, the customer service officer will on board the client,The Tech team will make sure that the website and apps run smoothly, there will be the finance aspect, the legal aspect,Design, marketing, the distribution to make sure that the customer receives his orders within the stipulated time and so on. This requires a great level of team work from all departments.

Be tech savvy. Technology trends are changing so fast and you need to know whats new and how this will solve your customers problem. Do not need to stick to Postal addresses in 2018 when a client can use apps and access services at the touch of a button.

You need to know how your products work to enable you help a client. How will someone be confident in you if you do not know your own product?

Invest in your persona. Who you are as a person is very important. What’s your reputation? Are you reliable? Do you deliver on a promise that you have made? Are you a kind person? Will you go the extra mile? This translates itself into business and creates your brand.

You will take the bullet for in-competencies of other departments. The client does not know who is supposed to make it work and you will be the one handle their fury. Don’t take it personal.

You will learn not to take it personal. You are human and its gonna get into you sometimes but as days go by you will learn how to handle clients. This will happen especially when you are new to a company and you do not know the sensitive clients yet.  Ask your team questions about a client to know how to be able to handle the client.

Be open to learn at work. Knowledge helps you navigate situations at work and also makes you better placed to handle a client effectively.

Always be kind .

Listen more to a client. When you listen you get to understand a clients need. Listening helps you avoid mis selling products or giving the wrong solution.

Communicate well to your clients.

What would you like us to know about customer experience? I value your thoughts.

Sending love and light♥♥♥♥



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