A CALL TO ACTION: Wake up Middle and Upper Class Kenyans!

‘We, the middle and upper class pay most of the tax but why don’t we demand quality service? In advanced countries the poor, the middle class and the rich use public transportation and use publicly funded hospitals. Instead of KNH or Mbagathi, we go to Coptic or Metropolitan or MP Shah. Instead of demanding for quality education in our public schools, our kids go to private ones. Instead of raising hell why our water quality is poor, we spend thousands on bottled water. We should demand better use of our taxes.’
This is a must read for all Kenyans. Change starts with you.

The New Mau Mau Revolution

by Eunice Songa

Let me take a few minutes of your time.

Kenya is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Opportunities abound for those willing to work hard; the land where you can be born in a small village, work hard and enjoy your lifetime in lush suburbs of Nairobi.

But we get caught up in that rat race don’t we? The never ending pursuit to get a bigger, flatter TV, a smarter phone, a more expensive car and holidays to those exotic destinations we see on our friends’ timeline. While we make sure our children are in elite private school “A”, that our houses are on the right side of the CBD, while we are sipping our 500 shilling mojitos with colleagues at the hottest after work watering holes in the city, our beloved Kenya, our land of opportunity is crumbling right around us.

We the lucky few in this…

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