Many people have gone through traumatic experiences in the past, others are experiencing it now. It is difficult losing a loved one, losing a job or not having a job for a very long time, losing a child or spouse or even facing rejection or being involved in an accident. This kind of experiences can make one feel angry, weak, hurt or even lose hope. However, if we lose hope, that’s our real disaster.

As i look at my past experiences, i can see from the perspective of the present moment that every aspect of my life was necessary and perfect. Each step eventually led to a higher place, even though these steps often felt like obstacles or painful experiences.

I believe that God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry of others. Having gone through a painful experience and overcame it, i am able to help others going through the same experience.  Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. We never know how strong we can be until the only option we have is to be strong.

Without painful experiences we don’t grow. Any painful experience makes you see things differently. It also reminds you of the simple truths that we purposely forget every day or else we would never get out of bed.

From my past painful experience, i learnt that life is not to be taken for granted. One moment i was in the office serving a client and the next moment i was in an ambulance being rushed to hospital for my life to be saved.

I learnt not to take the people in my life for granted. Appreciate the people who stand by you during good and bad times. Do not wait until you suffer for you to appreciate them.

I  learnt to be grateful for life. I am grateful for each passing moment of my life.

Painful experiences need not make you a bitter person. It should be able to make you a humble person.

Experiences help you learn. You get to learn from your experiences.

How to get through painful experiences

Pray. Take it to the Lord in Prayer. Prayer relieves the soul. It makes you feel better. Strength to overcome pain comes from God.

1 Peter 5:9-10   Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace,who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Forgive those who caused you pain. Forgiveness gives you back your freedom.It gives you peace and makes you heal faster. You are not held hostage by  your oppressor.

‘Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness’. Marianne Williamson

Talk to someone about it. Talk to a trusted friend, a counselor, a pastor , whoever you prefer. Talking lessens the pain.

Be ready to receive advice.

Give it time. Some wounds require time and a lot of patience to heal. Worrying only makes the problem worse.

Accept comfort and help from those friends who can give it to you. Accepting help does not mean you are weak. Sometimes you have to let people help you .

Read your bible if you are a christian. The bible has words of comfort that gives you hope. Have you lost hope?  Learn from Job in the bible who lost all his children and possessions and God blessed him, and he received twice as much as he had lost.

Listen to positive talk, read positive books and blogs. Feeding positive stuff  into your mind helps you to dream of brighter days. It also helps to attract positive things back into your life.

I hope this helps you to know that despite what you are going through, there are better days ahead.

Sending love and light ,






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