My definition in this context is my ability to make decisions independently and fend for myself. However, this does not mean that i do not need friends and family in my life.

It has been 2 years since i moved out of my parent’s house. I had graduated and i felt it was time to look for a job and fend for myself. This has been an amazing journey. A journey of ups and downs, good days and bad days, and most of all i feel i have learnt more about myself and i have become a much better person.

This is what i learnt through this journey.

  1. Do not be afraid to get dirty.  You do not need to have a white collar job to earn a living.Sometimes, jobs that require us to get dirty enable us to live decent lives.
  2. Be comfortable in your own company. One must learn to love their own company. When you love your own company, you will not require validation or need people who do not add value to your life.
  3. Learn to take risks. Many people fear change, we fear the unknown. Learning to face your fears and doing exactly what you’ve always wanted to do, be it changing jobs, relocating, having new friends  or learning a new skill. This will help you to grow in person and the consequences will be rewarding.
  4. Learn to forgive. Do not let your heart be heavy with anger against people. Everything is not always about you. Let it out, learn from the bad experience and move on. Keeping grudges and not forgiving yourself will destroy only you. You are not responsible for what happens to you sometimes but you are responsible for how you react towards it. Take charge of your life. Do not let bad experiences or people make you live a miserable life.
  5. Be passionate about self development. Always strive to develop yourself. Get that degree course you’ve always wanted, learn to cook that meal, try out new stuff, get that driving licence, get your Masters degree, apply for that top position. You deserve all that.Developing yourself not only helps you feel proud of yourself, it makes you stand out.
  6. Do not waste your time in unfulfilling relationships, they will only drown you.
  7. Learn to make new connections, new friendships in the right way. Making the right connections comes in handy when searching for jobs, tenders, Sales  or advice in various issues.
  8. Always keep in touch with family. Family is very important.Do not get too busy for your family. You will always run back home when in need.
  9. Do not be afraid of helping the needy. We are blessed to be a blessing. Count your success by the number of lives you have touched positively.Helping other people also makes you a grateful person. The hand that gives is the hand that receives.
  10. Take time to think, plan and reflect. Reflecting enables you know where you are and helps you know where you are going. To get things done, you need to plan. Write down everything you wish to have or achieve.You will get ideas on how to do it and the universe will realign itself to get you want you want.go on, make your wish list.
  11. Take time out to have fun. You need to unwind after working hard.
  12. Do not take criticism personally. On your journey, you are bound to make mistakes. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Learn to accept correction and learn from your mistakes. This will help you become  better at what you do.You grow from learning.



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