Sometime back i posted on Facebook that i saw God and a friend asked how  He looked like. While i thought that he was making fun of me, it got me thinking. Many people actually don’t realise that God comes through for them. But how can you see it when you don’t have a grateful heart. it is through gratitude that we get to see the little miracles of life, that God really does exist, that he comes in many forms. God manifests himself to us in many ways.

For instance; you have used up all your salary  on family and other needs and you wonder how you will push through the entire month, a client walks in office, you serve them and they give you a tip. something you did not ask for. Isn’t that God’s way of providing for us?

You graduated with honors, start hustling for a job, manage to get a job that hardly pays your bills, months later, you land an entry level job and your salary is ten times more what you used to get. You can even afford luxuries. Does the bible say that the Lord will compensate you for your troubles? Remember Job, he lost his wealth and children, and the Lord gave him twice as much.

You are unwell. probably, on life support. everyone thinks you won’t make it, even doctors lost hope and then one morning you wake up, feeling much better and you don’t require life support. That was God. He does what no man can do.

When you look back in your life, you will see what God has done. You will realise that He was there, has always been there to lift you up. so cling on Him. He will never let you down.

At what moment did you see God in your life?



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