Out comes the sun, shining on my face again.

On 18th December, many years ago, a beautiful  baby girl was born. A first born daughter to a wonderful family. She has had her fair share of misfortunes and success but all in all she had a family that has always been there for her.

Today, i choose to be grateful for life. It’s a proven fact that keeping a gratitude journal makes you feel happier. I started keeping a gratitude journal last year and  this has made me happy , content and positive. I am no longer resentful and i complain a little. When i feel sad, i always go back to my diary and read my gratitude journal.

So today being my birthday,here’s a list of 26 things I’m grateful for.

  1. My job. It gives me an opportunity to serve people and make new friends and acquaintances every day. I am also able to pay my bills.
  2. My colleagues at work.
  3. The tea girls at work. Damaris and Pauline prepare the best tea!
  4. My family. I have been blessed with a truly wonderful family. They have always been there during good and bad times.
  5. My ever optimistic dad. He has cultivated a culture of positive thinking in me.
  6. My ever praying mum. She is the households prayer warrior. I believe, mum’s prayers contribute to 90% of the blessings we are enjoying right now as a family.
  7. Ken. The world’s best brother. Ever calm and composed.


8. Camelyne, Edel and Joy. My beautiful kid sisters. We don’t always see eye to eye, but we have a bond that lasts a lifetime.(Sisterhood).


9. Our workman back at home. Its always a relief to have someone help you out with work.

10. My new found family in Kisumu. I have another home away from home.

11.My campus friends . I pray that each of you finds their purpose in life. May prosperity, joy, happiness and peace be your portion.

12. My dear old friends in Kakamega who have known me for over a decade and still keep in touch.

13. Butere Girls’ 4k’s class of 2007.

14. The friends i made at the Youth Film Platform- Kisumu. Class of 2014.

15. The friends i made at Double Shasa limited.

16. Being able to drive and finally get a driving license!

17. I am comfortable in my own skin.

18. Being able to put my thoughts into writing.

19. All the self made millionaires who share their secret to success.

20. All people who produce inspirational material.

21. For the opportunities that life has granted me so far.

22. For my Facebook friends. I am able to keep in touch with people i do not communicate with on a daily basis.

23. The inventors of  social media. i.e word press, linked in, Facebook, twitter.

24. For the opportunities yet to come.

25. The good health that i have.

26.For God’s eternal grace to me , my family, friends and my beautiful country, Kenya.

Christmas is next week. May the love of Christ  be born in each one of us. I wish you a merry x-mass and a prosperous 2016 full joy, peace and  happiness.

What are you grateful for?


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