41 Things you should know about me

well, i have been on a journey to discover myself. I asked myself several questions, searched engines  and this has enabled me to know stuff about me.

Here are some facts you should know about me;

  1. I studied at  Kakamega county from primary to University.
  2. I majored in Public Relations and Creative Advertising.
  3. My first job was as a Marketing and Public Relations Officer at a printing firm and i liked the experience.
  4. Most of my family members are teachers.
  5. I am single.
  6. My favorite meal is Ugali, liver and Kienyeji.
  7. My favorite band is H-art the band
  8. My all time favorite movie is ‘Single Ladies’.
  9. I love to read. my favorite book is ‘ THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY’ and my favorite author is Pepe Minabo
  10. My hobbies include; dancing, reading inspirational books and surfing the internet.
  11. My long time goal is to run a successful PR Firm.
  12. Having a peace of mind makes me happy.
  13. I won the best instrumentalist title in highschool.( drama club)
  14. My parents influenced me most in my teen years.
  15. Dad pampered me most as a little child.
  16. I have no pets.
  17. Successful women in the corporate field inspire me most.
  18. I like my name.
  19. I admire honesty in people.
  20. I am the humorous kind.
  21. I wish my forehead was different. (hehe).
  22. I have been insecure about my looks before.
  23. Blue is my favorite color
  24. Kindness and charm makes a guy more attractive to me.
  25. my favorite work out plan is dancing and aerobics.
  26. I would love to meet Gina Din Kariuki and learn how to be successful.
  27. I have been told that i resemble Esther Arunga.( that was way back in 2008).
  28. I like to go for night outs.
  29. I am a social person.
  30. The best gift i ever received was a perfume called ‘ADORE’.
  31. I miss the extracurricular activities in primary school.
  32. Life has taught me that no man is worth dying for.
  33. The best advice i received from my parents is to always have a positive look at life.
  34. I have fallen in love before. Though not sure if i loved the guys or the idea of love.
  35. I believe in God.
  36. I have had a near death experience.
  37. My nicknames were ‘Matemo and Marionittah” nikupate ukiniita matemo!!!
  38. I am a hopeless romantic.
  39. I fear stomach cramps and crawling animals.
  40. I would like to grow old with a family by my side.
  41. I do not like to cook.

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